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Foreign Businesses Establishing U.S. Operations

Inemer & Wolf LLP is a New York City CPA firm specializing in international tax advisory and consulting services for businesses hoping to set up operations in the United States. As highly experienced CPAs, we can deliver the financial direction your company needs to navigate the complex Federal and State tax laws so you can succeed in the U.S. marketplace. We'll formulate a plan to minimize tax consequences for both your business and your employees and our international tax experts will advise you every step of way. Our services include U.S. business structure and entity selection, international tax planning and compliance, and tax treaty analysis. We can also help prepare you for every facet of setting up your new enterprise with a network of U.S. services providers including lawyers, real estate professionals, insurance brokers, and other local professionals.

Your employees working across borders or overseas will also face individual tax challenges and we're ready to answer all their questions in terms they can understand. We provide tax planning and tax preparation for resident aliens, non-resident aliens and foreign nationals. For your corporate executives and other high net worth individuals immigrating to the U.S., we assist with pre-immigration tax services, wealth management and estate planning.

Contact our international tax professionals today at 212-944-2555 to discuss how we can provide pre-immigration tax and estate planning guidance to you.

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Our firm specializes in pre-immigration services for high net worth families, professional athletes, foreign-born academic and medical professionals and entrepreneurs considering immigration to the U.S. We offer a wide range of pre-departure tax planning, wealth and estate planning and high-net-worth immigration services to our clients. Our international tax CPA will work with you to provide sophisticated pre-immigration services with a focus on reducing your U.S. tax obligation and protecting your international assets.


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Specializing in Tax Consulting for International Businesses

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